Jan 18, 2015

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The Do’s and Don’ts of a DUI Arrest

If you are ever pulled over for driving under the influence, there are some do’s and don’ts for handling the situation. These suggestions will make it possible for good DUI lawyers in Los Angeles to fight the charges against you and either get them dismissed or get the charges reduced.


When you are stopped by police, they must have probable cause to pull your vehicle over. The probable cause could be that they observed your vehicle swerving in and out of your lane, you were speeding or you were driving erratically. However, if you feel that you were pulled over without probable cause, tell your attorney. The only record of why you were stopped will usually be the police officer’s written report because it is unlikely the stop will be recorded via a dash camera.


Aside from the probable cause issue, if you are pulled over:


Do: Be polite to the officer when they approach your vehicle. Being rude or belligerent can escalate the issue and you may be charged with other violations, such as resisting arrest.


Don’t: Answer any questions such as “how much have you had to drink tonight” or “have you been drinking.” Instead, politely decline to answer as you could end up incriminating yourself.


Do: Hand over your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance when it is requested. Be polite when handing over those documents. Requesting them is standard whenever someone is pulled over by the police.


Don’t: Submit to a field sobriety test. You may be asked to walk a straight line, turn and walk back to the original starting point, you may be asked to stand on one foot with your arms at your side or you may be asked to follow the officer’s finger with your eyes. Do not do any of these tests. They are not compulsory and you can refuse to do them.


Do: Take the chemical test given at the police station. Criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles will tell you that refusing to take a chemical test will automatically get your driver’s license revoked for one-year for a first offense.


Contact a lawyer as soon as you can to help fight the DUI charge.

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